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New Pics of my SxS Build in my Spare room

Started by Hill Haven Telephone Company, July 13, 2022, 12:31:58 AM

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Hill Haven Telephone Company

Thought id share some a recent pic of my SxS build out in my spare room. 


Looks pretty dadburn professional sir, too bad I haven't a clue what I'm looking at. LOL!
Don't matter, it would just confuse me anyway.   :o

Hill Haven Telephone Company

Added some proper lighting for behind the frames too

Got some cool old switch encloures at a yard sale,  just replaced it with a modern switchv

Then I have a nice old Square D disconnect that has that nice kerchunk feeling to power on and off the -48v power supply and the ring supply. 

Hill Haven Telephone Company

power roughed in.  top is a light switch for the frame lighting
then square d disconnect is to kill the power to the -48v power supplies
bottom disconnect is to kill the power to the lorain ring supply


Looking good!
If you were closer I'd offer you some of my 100 pair stash.
keep us posted.

Hill Haven Telephone Company

Well ive reached a point where i cant continue.  I got 600 wires coming off the line finder banks that need soldered to blocks.  But my carpal tunnel is so bad that I simply cant do it.  Maybe someday ill finish it.  Yay for getting old. 
The line finder banks

Hill Haven Telephone Company

Ive wanted to build a step by step for a long time.  And Jim day got me started down that rabbit hole a little over a year ago.  I had stuff before but life happened.   Finally got the line finder bank terminated and mounted.  Got an incoming selector from Keith HIavacs and a tone plant from Rick Walsh and some outgoign trunks. 

If it wasnt for the Help of Jim, Chuck richards, Keith, Rick among others I would have never gotten this far.  And Phil McCarters videos sure help with understanding how this all goes together.    I lost my mom and grandma within the span of a year, building this switch has helped keep me sane. 

Wont be too long now before i put a call through it.