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1971 NE Contempra Speakerphone Prototype found at a Thrift Shop!

Started by ....., April 01, 2016, 02:53:29 PM

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This is John F. Tyson's patent for the speaker phone, but as you see the design changed slighty.


I spoke to John -- he was embarrassed about Contempra.  He loved the M3000 tho.


A year later and you think you talked to John. Maybe you should start collecting something that you know about, but wait you know everything. If you want to rattle my chain, you are. Get a life and move on. Try getting your head out of the 80's.


Yeah, he was on online -- everyone was, except Cliff and Mike.  John told me he had one too when I told him I had one.  Alan, and bunch of guys showed me other prototypes I had never seen.  Cliff even did a car phone which I didn't know about, kinda like the AGB plane phone.  They contacted me looking for a Nomad 8500 -- Lisa did, for a museum in Ottawa.

John didn't really do any work on that mod.  Their designs were often modified without their knowledge.


How could we not know?  You seem to resent us because we embraced and the old and the new, and I told you it wasn't one of a kind.  It needed 1A2 -- it was meant for a business env.  It was our job to know because if we didn't, things wouldn't work.

I've showed three of these are in existence.  There were more.  John didn't tell me what his color was, but I know that it wasn't a prototype if three were made, but limited field trial sets that didn't go anywhere and were retured, because it was a hack, and the components wouldn't fit where they were supposed to.

In '73 Jim Bee sketched a stand up version which was way too thin with the same rocker, only sideways.   It was as thin as an iPhone -- 70s electronics wouldn't fit in there.  That one was rejected too.

Don't know what your issue is, and I offered to fix it, but if it truly needs 1A2, it won't work as intended, and it will need an NE-666.  The speaker was facing the wrong way -- the buttons weren't labelled -- the rocker was not intuitive.  It just failed.

I don't know why they did it, but it would not pass DI UAT.  My head isn't stuck in the 1980s -- you need to grow up and understand that telephony was our career and not a hobby.  John did C and Pulse.  When he saw Pulse he said "YIKES".  I thought it was OK.



That's bull.  John Tyson and I both have one.  Paul F. can confirm.  If you're willing to pay $$$, I'll figure out which box its in.

I have a one of a kind ... a smoke chiming DIGIT PULSE and I don't go around bragging.  They called it "SMOKEY".

And more were made of that hack.  It's not a one of a kind.  One of a kinds don't make it that far.  It if were, it would be a wooden model and that's it.  I asked Design Interpretive.


Time to move on Dominic, you are making a spectacle of yourself.


Quote from: Duffy on July 02, 2017, 10:03:10 AM
Time to move on Dominic, you are making a spectacle of yourself.



Frist.  I would like you to know that I take pride of ownership for that phone you called a HACK.

Second. Here is my challenge to you. Produce a picture of your phone with a current dated newspaper for the proof of your ownership. Not the stock picture that you claim that is yours.

Third. As per your comment of John Tyson owning one. Please provide proof. As for Paul F, I'm sure he can speak on his own behalf.

Until you can provide that proof, I do own the only one.

Victor Laszlo

And, Dom, saying things like "That's Bull" is rude.  Until your arrival on the forum a few weeks ago, I had never heard anyone here use foul language against another member.

The correct statement would be "Sir, I tend to doubt the veracity of your assertion."

This wacky way you have of trying to bully people just won't cut it here.


Because he was way over the top on it, like it was the Hope Diamond.  When I saw it, I knew John had nothing to do with it.  It was a mod.  The keys weren't labelled.  See my post "Doug's 3 of a kind Contempra".  There were more.  They never made one of anything.  By the time it gets to that stage, it has to be tested, and several phones will be busted during the testing.  When I saw the inside, it was obvious 1A2 was necessary to hold the line open.

Doug's a bit a *ick on this because he will not listen to us, even going so far as posting on kijiji to prove his was the only one ever made.  I'm not interested in finding the box it is in (movers didn't label 100 boxes) because it had no mic.  Companion did and it was separate.  I needed to examine the phone, as I didn't want to open all those boxes and make a mess.  I can't sell those phones as landlines are dead.  One thing is certain, unlike V, the mic and speaker were not integrated.


Doug got on my nerves because I called people who would know, and they were quite clear that many were made, and that Bell Canada rejected them. I guess John just said that to him to make him happy.  I worked at Bell Sygma Telecom Solutions (a division of Bell), and Cal was there since 1964.  He vaguely remembers it because departments then used 1A2.  The speaker was too small.  When I got it, I thought it was autonomous, and it was missing the mic, and I didn't have an NE-1A2, so I said F it.  Both phones got separated from their mics.  John is a man of few words, so I didn't want to ask him where they wound up, because he seemed embarrassed by it.  I mean, people were saying hi and he wouldn't even answer.  He's not interested in it anymore and doesn't have a clear memory, but others at Bell did (Diane at least).


Doug, I've got nice stuff, but I don't go around flaunting it like you did.  That's bad form.  Have you ever seen a black Contempra?  I could argue that this was the only black Contempra ever made, but I'd be lying if I said that.  The bottom is gold.  It was made for a executive and after years of sitting in his closet, was given to me.  Then I find another one.  Or this, it wasn't a prototype.  I opened one and it was semi-transparent -- the color code was "SMOKEY".  I think that one was one of a kind because it was made for an exec., but I doubt it.  They never made one of anything.