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AE 46 RInger, How to refurbish them & get them ringing again
« on: November 25, 2021, 10:15:16 AM »
Dear Forum:

Here's some tips for getting the AE 46 ringer to function as they used to, but with another coil and pole piece assembly from a different manufacturer's ringer; (In this case an ITT 148BA or SBA ringer.)

The AE 46 ringer (the original version) is identified in these ways; versions after Oct. 1972 have a black base, the gong resonator is cast metal and sits on the ringer base, and can rotate with the gong for adjustment, and the gong has a slot next to the screw hole that fits over a "boss" on the resonator.

The clapper is a thick brass disk attached to the clapper arm.

The coil has 4-5 leads coming off the top, and wrapped in tape, using red & green to identify the tip and ring leads, with the others used in freq. ringing or ANI use.

To replace the coil and pole piece you will
need a ITT 148/151BA biased mini ringer.*

1. Disconnect the ringer leads.
When putting the ITT coil in,
put its black lead where
the AE green coil lead goes.

Do the same for the red coil lead, which is
the same color on the AE46 coil.

2. Remove the ringer from the phone, remove the screw holding the coil to the AE46 ringer, then lift the piece holding the coil.

3. Remove the clapper arm.

4. Remove the old coil.

5. Take the replacement coil,
set the new coil assembly on
the AE46 ringer frame, then fit it in place.

6.  Replace the clapper arm
on the ringer, then adjust
the gap between the
pole piece and
clapper arm.

7. Make sure the clapper arm goes on the pivot pin.
Replace the piece that
holds the coil then
replace the screw.

8.Reinstall the ringer, and test it
for good operation, and
adjustment as needed to get the desired sound.

PLEASE  NOTE: The ITT mini ringer coils for biased ringing will have BA, ABA, or SBA marked on the coil; any of these are usable. The BA has 5 leads, the ABA has 4 leads, and the SBA has two leads.

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Re: AE 46 RInger, How to refurbish them & get them ringing again
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2021, 06:24:43 PM »
Dear CRPF:

Attached are photos of the AE46 ringer refurbed with an ITT coil and pole piece.

I believe the coil was from an 148ABA originally, it didn't have the usual coil markings.

It might require some small adjustments to get the desired sound, but the ITT mini ringer coil has the closest fit.