"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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What do you like about The Classic Rotary Phone Forum?

Started by Phonesrfun, October 04, 2009, 09:39:47 PM

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Stephen Furley

Quote from: foots on October 14, 2009, 03:58:27 AM
  Contraste, I was thinking the same thing about England. I've noticed from watching TV and from a few people I've met that the accent changes in different areas of the country. I once met 2 nice older fellows here that were on vacation or holiday as y'all folks call it. One guy was from Birmingham (England, not Alabama) and I could hardly understand him and his friend had more of an Irish sounding accent, though I'm not sure where in England he was from. but I'd cut back on eating before I'd even think of turning off my AC in the summer.

If you go West North West from Birmingham you come to the Black Country, where the traditional industries were metalworking, foundries, chain shops, nail makers etc.  One of the main towns in the area is Dudley; I would guess that it's about ten miles or so from Birmingham, but the accent is distinctly different.


Quote from: gpo706 on September 04, 2011, 05:20:57 AM
Terry, you need to drink your beer ice cold, a pint of McEwan's Export would do the trick, not like that lukewarm bitter the sassenachs seem to prefer... ;)

Yes I agree. North American's like their cold drinks COLD, including beer. I love the taste of English Bitter but prefer it colder than cellar temperature.



Speaking of cold drinks, I keep my glasses in the freezer.  And I even invented a new beverage, that I call a "phase change" for reasons that will become clear shortly:

Mix a bunch of fruit juices together in any combination you like.  Grape, apple, a bit of lemon juice, and some water, work well.  Probably orange and lemon, and lemon and lime, would work well, but add a little sugar.  (I don't know if this will work with alcohol beverages as a component, since alcohol freezes at a lower temperature.)

Put a glass in the freezer.

Put the bottle of mixed juices in the freezer as well. 

When the bottle of juice is *almost* at the point where it starts to freeze, take it and the frozen glass out and pour yourself a glass full.

What happens is, the juice that is at freezing temperature but has not started to form ice crystals yet, hits the frozen glass, and some of it flash-freezes as it pours.   That is, it quickly undergoes the "phase change" between liquid and solid form.  The result of this in a moving liquid, is very much more like "snow" than like "ice."

So what you end up with is a glass of frosty fruit punch that contains a big chunk of the same liquid flashed into "snow" with a consistency very much like what you'd have if you used actual fluffy snow for that purpose.

This idea was picked up by a certain fairly well-known writer of science fiction, so if you see it in that context, you'll know where it came from.

And it goes superbly well with pizza.  So says this crazy American.


When I started here the first obvious things as compared to the ATCA and TCI Listserves was the ability to put pictures directly in with your posts. Most times on the other forums I couldn't be bothered adding picture links or even looking at other links that had been posted elsewhere.

Since then other things about this forum have become obvious. No one is better than anyone else here. No one makes fun of others questions or comments. We all are interested in the same thing and even though we all have different levels of knowledge and different areas of expertise, we all help each other out to te best of our ability.

We are always looking for phone parts. I am frequently pleasantly surprised to see the number of times I read "send me your address and I will put it in the mail for you".

People always think I am the AE expert. Not so much. I have my areas of AE expertise but it isn't wiring or differences between models that otherwise look the same. The guy that amazes me is Stub. Not only does he have the books handy to look up most AE questions he invests lots of his time in doing so and posts drawings and pictures from manuals, all with dial up Internet. Well done Ken! And Ken isn't alone in this area. Many of you amaze me. Phonesrfun and dsk always enjoy the challenge of something wrong electrically!

There are many phone experts from the Telco angle on here providing much useful information and always there to help out when someone can't figure out the best way to hook something up or to trouble shoot their phone lines or equipment.

Then there are the phone refinishers and refurbishes here on CRPF. There are many of you but seeing the work some of you do is inspirational.  Jorge Amely, Dennis Markham, Doug Rose, Finlover (remember him?) and many many more of you do incredible work.

For phone lovers, there is no better place than right here. Now everyone else can add all the groups of people that I have missed in my haste to get this posted.

Merry Christmas everybody!


Russ Kirk

Very well said Terry. This is my favorite forum.  Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. 

I stop by here a few times every week to catch up on the messages, and like today,  spend several hours reading new topics or searching for info on my latest phone find.  But not all topics interest me,  so the format of this forum makes it real easy to pass some treads and read others in detail. 

The find of the month is my favorite. Seeing what lucky finds other people get keep me going, and sometimes I do get lucky and find a special phone too.

My second is the auction predictions.  Guessing what a rare phone will bring in eBay. These little games make this a fun place.

But what makes the forum the best is what Terry said,  the people

So,  to all who read this,  a big thanks for being part of the forum, because it is your enthusiasm and willingness to share that makes this a great place.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all ! ! !
- Russ Kirk


Yes, mostly the people.  That, and the fact that it is far easier to use than the listserves when it comes to pictures and diagrams.

I first joined when the forum was in its infancy.  One of the stodgy old gruffy guys (I am being kind) from one of the club list serves posted a thread there about what a bunch of klutzy people were on this forum trying to figure out how to make a phone ring.  A question that comes up a lot,both here and on the other forums.  I was appalled at his attitude towards the newbies.  That attitude is one that so many have complained about for a long time on the other forums.  I was also apalled at how he could take some cheap shots at fellow phone collectors.

I am not the most experienced phone collector there is.  In fact, I have never worked in telecommunications.  I do, however, know how to make phones ring, and can troubleshoot common phone issues, and I understand how phones are wired and how they work.  So, I decided that for no other reason than to help others out, I would join.  

I have lots of other things to do with my time, but this forum is usually a several times a day stop for me.  I even check in during lunch at work.

I have developed some good online friendships here with people I have never met, such as Dennis Markham and Ken (Stub).  Some I have already met, like You, Terry, and I have met Greg (BrinyBay) several times, and he was a super help with last year's phone show in Seattle.

I have nothing but great things to say about this forum.  Thanks to Dennis, Terry, Dave and all the other admins that donate so much of their valuable time to keeping this a great place.  That takes a Hurculean amount of dedication and time.
-Bill G

Doug Rose

Merry Christmas guys and gals! Good post Terry. This Forum makes it a whole lotta fun. I can't tell you how much I have learned being a member here. Everyone is nice, but then again, everyone should be nice. I am not trashing the Lists, but this is the place to be; treat people the way you want to be treated. No question is too stupid if you do not know the answer. Simple!

Big shout out to Dennis for keeping the ship on course and the new captains who help him out.

We do something here that is not done anywhere else....... we talk about out vintage phones. We post a picture to show ours off or ask a question about it. This is where other places have failed and we have prospered.

Merry Christmas....we done good!....Doug


I will chime in here too  :D

I don't think I even knew about this forum until Dennis came to my show on Mason, MI and mentioned something about it to me!  I think it's all in the format; I get SOOOOO tired of seeing 15 posts in-a-row on the "Correct way to change a NID". Or listening to some Geek-Elitist trying to make someone feel stupid for asking a particular question.

Just want to say that although I am (sometimes) bad as answering questions in a "timely" manner, I do have LOTS of parts that NEED to be distributed to telephone collectors that want to fix up their treasures. Just keep trying people; the "squeaky wheel" gets the grease (or parts).

Thanks guys for maintaining this forum, and Happy Holidays!
Ray Kotke
Recumbent Casting, LLC


Very simple, I like the folks on here.

No matter how stupid one's queries are there's always positive feedback.

And where else could I have got a swap for a knackered RX for a 500 for a GPO RX from Larry - in Michigan.

Cheers to you all folks.

"now this should take five minutes, where's me screwdriver went now..?"


It is encouraging to see the younger members on here too. The 20 something's and 30 something's on here who are interested in phones is great but we even have teenagers here as well. Encouraging for the hobby for sure.

It is fun meeting other CRPF members at phone shows such as the one that Bill G hosts in Seattle. I haven't met many other phone collectors but those whom I have met were primarily at the Seattle phone show. I have met Gary G and Remco here in Vancouver and Jeremy W at San Francisco but that is pretty much it for me.

Another nice thing here is the off topic board that we don't have to worry about using whenever we want to. People here are all friends and sometimes it is nice to run things by friends first even if it isn't phone related.

I especially like seeing others phone collections so look forward to seeing additions to the topics in the Phone Show area of the forum.



Skipping this combination ...




Like everyone else said " I LIKE THE PEOPLE HERE" and I like to help( if I can).  I have the books printed off for reference because if it ain't wrote down I can't remember stuff. Thanks Dennis for keep this bunch up. Hope to make to a show one of these days. Merry Christmas to all .    stub   
Kenneth Stubblefield


This forum is friendly, and its room for all, no question is stupid, and we like to help each others. The forum is easy available, with lots of functions.
The more high tech questions could be discussed in other  forums, and we ends up her with the solutions  in a common understandable language.

Merry X-mas to all.



Quote from: JorgeAmely on December 25, 2012, 01:39:25 AM
Skipping this combination ...

Had to look at that for a minute. 6 replies and 66 views.....EVIL!