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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Can you guess what you are looking at?
Quote from: tubaman on Today at 10:57:26 AMGPO 741?

tubaman wins another round.
Well done to guess correctly from that unusual angle.
General Discussion / Re: Clear AE40
Last post by HarrySmith - Today at 03:48:27 PM
That makes sense John. Another reason to believe it is original. Is it possible to see if your grandfather had any paperwork on it? You may want to try to document it for the future.
Off Topic / Re: Pesky Equipment EOL tool- ...
Last post by LarryInMichigan - Today at 03:24:56 PM
Many years ago, the company for whom I contract was selling scientific digital cameras which used a power supply cable with the same type of connector as what was used on PC printer cables.  One genius dealer rep destroyed a few PCs by plugging the power supply cable into the printer ports on their computers.

Years earlier, I worked in a place which had a sign hanging in their electronics lab which said "Danger 20,000 Ohms!".

General Discussion / Re: Clear AE40
Last post by TelePlay - Today at 02:57:44 PM
This was Ray's creation which sold for $1,425 on eBay

in January of 2018.

They don't look the same (ringer gongs, the internal wiring between the handset cups and metal colors for example).

If this is an original AE manufactured clear phone, it would have historic value possibly making it worth more than the auction subject phone.

If AE original, it's provenance (factual documented history) would add to the value.

Off Topic / Re: Pesky Equipment EOL tool- ...
Last post by TelePlay - Today at 02:43:35 PM
None of the items on that site are UL approved.

"UL Approval means that the product has been tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratory) to nationally recognized Safety Standards and has been found to be free from reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock and related hazards."

Creation of any of those items for any person for any reason reason opens up a huge liability risk at the civil level and criminal charges should there be destruction of property, injury or death.

While a "cute" idea in the minds of a few who apparently do not recognize their personal responsibility in society and create such sites, most would never entertain such behavior for all the right reasons.

Contact your attorney for legal advice concerning these malicious products before making and/or distributing them.

The CRPF does not approve of such items as stated in Paragraph 2 of the Registration Agreement: "Please remember that we actively monitor posted messages for compliance with this Agreement but the Forum is not responsible for the content contained within any posts. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information presented. The posted messages express the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of this forum, its staff, its subsidiaries, or this forum's owner."

These used to be pretty popular in the 70s - 90s.  My aunt Florence had one.

General Discussion / Re: Clear AE40
Last post by MMikeJBenN27 - Today at 01:58:56 PM
I don't think these were normally offered, they were mostly given to employees as gifts and as promotional items, which of course, makes all the more desirable.  Western Electric made a few clear phones, but not as many as AE.  WE also was not big on color the way AE was either.

Off Topic / Re: Pesky Equipment EOL tool- ...
Last post by FABphones - Today at 12:21:48 PM
Quote from: Hill Haven Telephone Company on Today at 11:11:53 cut the end off of it before i ever let it out of the house. 

If you remembered or had a chance to, and what if someone plugged it in before you had a chance to stop them.

Link says in a class called the killers and needs to be made. Really?

And why is this funny?

A ridiculous thing to have made. Destroying it now would be the sensible thing to do.

Quote from: FABphones on Yesterday at 05:31:40 PMSorry but I cannot see the humour in this. A very ill thought out gag.

One day there is every possibility (whether in your ownership or after) someone will plug that into a power outlet resulting in smoke/fire, injury or even death.

Its actually an Etherkiller

id cut the end off of it before i ever let it out of the house.