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Interesting original off branded AE payphone.

Started by jjacob, September 23, 2013, 02:25:18 PM

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In my quest to find a complete proper payphone I ran across this one. Interesting that while it is a LPB-82-55 the ID plate shows "Communication Equipment and Contracting Company" instead of Automatic Electric.
I did a search on the internet and evidently they did installations for hospitals and hotels. Seem to be out of business now. Originally located in Union Springs, AL.
Trying to get the seller to take pictures of the inside. Says he has had it for 35 years.


CEAC was a rebuilder of telephones.The set could  still be 100% AE parts except the id plate. It is also possible it was rebuilt with the blue circuit boards.There were many paystation rebuilders for the independant telephone companies .


Upper-housing secured by means of a bolt through the hole intended for the lock. Very possible that the coin relay was removed or damaged when the bolt was attached on the threaded end, but perhaps not.

CEAC would buy up excess inventories and tooling from telco manufacturers. That is how they ended up manufacturing/assembling North Electric's Ericofon product line. I seem to recall that they did the same with AECo's paystations.

CEAC was also big with prison telephones and all-in-all, had a very diverse product line. Basically anything to make a buck!


rdelius & G-man,
Thanks as always for your knowledge. Not going to buy anything unless I get to see inside first! Agree that most of the phones I have looked at that did not have locks on them, the coin relay is missing if not even more parts.