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How to tell prepay phone from post pay.

Started by jjacob, September 26, 2013, 08:02:17 PM

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If the ID plate at the top of the phone is missing how do you identify whether the phone is an 82 series or 86 or 89?
I have found it useful to look at the front instruction card on a mostly original phone. Usually if it is the original card the dialing instructions will give away an 86 or 89.
What is different inside that I might be able to recognize to ID these phones? Pictures help!


one thing that might help later 82 series have a single coil and all prepay sets have large hoppers to hold coins uasually have a anti stuffing coin return 
semi postpay 86? sets have flat brass coin chute for the coins to travel through  by the trigger contacts no coin hopper  .Open coin return.might have 2 coin coils or  retrofitted with a circuit board with a microswitch. Hope this might help.


So an 86 or 89 will have a brass sheet metal coin hopper behind the coin relay and the 82 will have the diecast grey hopper? That would be easy recognition if true.


An 86 (semi-postpay) does not have a coin hopper because the coins pass straight through once deposited by the user.
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Just so I understand the part descriptions, the coin hopper is the little funnel shaped part just behind the coin relay?
So this part on an 82 would be die cast and grey in color. On an 89 this will be brass sheet metal, and on an 86 there will be a brass sheet metal funnel but no hopper?
Pictures below. 86 picture shamelessly taken from a haf post.
Anybody have a pic of what an 89 looks like?