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Auction (110 Cancelled: Did not exceed reserve) - Beautiful AE 40 in Ivory

Started by HarrySmith, December 19, 2013, 08:36:37 AM

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Well, it didn't reach the reserve so the contest is hereby cancelled and thanks to all who played.

The phone sat at $141 for several days, jumped to $180 with about an hour to go and saw two or three bids within the last 5 seconds with the highest bid when it ended being $272.67. While we don't have a contest winner, we do have the market value on that phone.

Thanks again for playing.


    It's a bad time of year to try and sell better items on ebay , folk are more concerned with Christmas shopping and probably ran out of money.   I'm sure it will bring in much more in the spring.

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I think it's more likely because the Seller's reserves are too high and people get tired of chasing a number.  I see auctions all the time where people stop bidding well short of the value of the phone because they just don't want to play around with these arbitrary reserve numbers.