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*** The "Find of the YEAR" for 2011 ***

Started by AE_Collector, February 08, 2014, 09:09:40 PM

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Find of the YEAR - 2011   VOTE FOR THREE

Dan's Pink 5302 for $50.00 on eBay
5 (21.7%)
jsowers NOS 3/59 ivory soft plastic 554 still in the box for $20.50 on eBay
6 (26.1%)
Kenny C's 12-1950 WE500 that he got for $37 on eBay
2 (8.7%)
pbghmike77's 28 B's & D's plus parts $80.00
3 (13%)
JimH's 1958 White 500 won on ebaY for $8.98 plus shipping
2 (8.7%)
JimH's 202/D1 c/w E1 handset, #4 dial and 684 subset for $42.93 incl tax
3 (13%)
John S' collection of 3 WECo sets off of Craig's List for $25
3 (13%)
Kenny C's 5-55 Moss Green two tone WECo 500 for free
2 (8.7%)
ESalter's Rose Beige '54 500 / gray straight cords - free garbage at Radio swap meet
14 (60.9%)
Kleenax's Amazing find of 12 Colored early AE Sets for $6,000
6 (26.1%)
Stockdale's Mahogany AE 40 that an Antique Store only wanted $40 for!
12 (52.2%)
LarryinMichigan's 102-B1 with E1 Handset and 2HB dial for $38 including shipping
8 (34.8%)

Total Members Voted: 23


Time to present Eric with his trophhy for having won the "Find of the YEAR - 2011".

In my last post here I failed to mention Eric's close competitors in this contest. Stockdale and his &$@?& (don't mind me, just wish I had found this one) Mahogany AE 40 gave Eric the toughest competition though Larry's 102-B1 with E1 was in third place with everyoneelse not that far behind. Everyone was a winner in their particular month which made being te winner of the Find of the Year just that much bigger.

Thanks to all of the competitors and to everyone who took the time to check out the competition and place their votes.

So congratulations again Eric! Heres the trophy that John slaved away for months creating. (Thanks John)