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Auction (140 Cancelled: Did not exceed reserve) - Gray Payphone - Ended 10/12/14

Started by TelePlay, October 05, 2014, 09:30:55 PM

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Russ Kirk

- Russ Kirk


If anyone cares, other than players in the contest, this "phone" is up to $465 by way of 18 bids from 7 bidders, and the reserve has not yet been met.


I usually take the last guess but on this contest, I'm talking a pass. It's moved up slowly to $480 with 20 hours to go and the reserve has not yet been met. Most guesses right now seem to be way high and who knows how high the reserve has been set. I would have thought $450 would have met the reserve, but what do I know? It may not sell, but what do I know? So, the guesses are set and we will know what happened in 20 hours. Good luck to all who played.


Well, it didn't reach the reserve so the contest is hereby cancelled with no winner but a big thanks to all who played.

The phone started at $0.99 and rose steadily the first 4 or 5 days of the auction but then sat at $465 for a few days, jumped to $480 on the last day and then increased to $500 (by way of a buyer with 0 feedback) about 20 minutes before the auction ended. The auction saw no last second snipes so ended at $500 and it did not meet or exceed the reserve price set by the seller. While we don't have a contest winner, we do have the market value on that phone.

Thanks again for playing.

Now that the auction is over, this would be a good place to discuss this phone and the auction.