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Auction (240 Cancelled: Listing Terminated) WE 1937 Vented 302 with Straight Cords

Started by TelePlay, November 13, 2016, 01:13:13 AM

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So for the 2nd time the auction ended early.  I've bought from this guy before, and don't recall having any problems. 


Well, the contest wasn't meant to be. Will move it back to the cancelled contest topic and there it will stay.

My impression that it was stopped the first time because bids were not coming in at a steady rate leading to a market price an hour before the auction ended. As such, it was listed with a reserve. No bids came in (maybe ending the first auction early was not a good idea because I've noticed people who bid on a first listing don't show up for a re-list - just an observation) so he ended it early, again.

Twice burned so it stays cancelled, regardless.

As such, the contest is cancelled with no winner. Thanks again to all who played along . . .