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Auction (276 Cancelled: Listing Terminated) WE 1955 Rose Beige 500 C/D

Started by TelePlay, April 27, 2017, 01:17:35 AM

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New forum members are very welcome and encouraged to take a guess. After all, there are no wrong guesses, just one lucky one. No one knows the winning bid on any auction until it ends. However, it is important to get your guess in before someone else grabs your guess.

Listed about 12 hours ago in a 7 day auction with no reserve and starting at $29.00 ( with thanks to WEBellSystemChristian for the late night tip ) is an interesting combination of two (2) phones, one worth less that it would cost to ship and the other a 1955 WE Rose Beige 500 C/D project phone. This contest will be, in reality, at guessing what the Rose Beige will sell for when the auction ends. The Rose Beige has stickers, worn leather feet, trashed fat grey handset cord and the wrong line cord but it is a soft plastic phone with a soft centered finger wheel and good plastics. Since being listed, the phone has received 2 bids from 2 buyers raising the price to a high $31.00. It will go higher and buyers will be bidding on only the Rose Beige (the tag along free phone is shown in the single, last image below) but the question is once again, who best knows what this phone will sell for when the auction ends?

NOTE:  We will use a $5 gap rule between guesses to prevent crowding. As such, keep your guess at least $5 away from prior guesses for this contest. All guesses, original and a single allowed revised guess if needed, must be submitted at least 24 hours before the auction ends.

The seller listed it as an "2 Rotary Dial telephones Vintage Bell Stsytem Western Electric Biege / Tan" with the item condition as " - - - " and " - - - " and with the auction listing description (covering both phones) saying "2  Rotary telephones Vintage Bell Stsytem Western Electric Rotary Dial Telephone -- First Phone, No Chips or Cracks, Rotary works , its untested, Has a plug in wire style, Color Biege -- 2nd Phone, No Chips or Cracks, Rotary works, Untested, Has a direct wire style, Cord on ear peice has holes in the insulation and should be replaced, Color Tan / Lite Brown"  ( photos of the modular phone are posted on eBay )

It's another chance to move up a rung or to get onto the CRPF -> Contest Standings <- list,

     . . . for as twocvbloke said,   ---> "You gotta be in it to win it !!!" ;D "

If you want to see the phones of past Auction Contests, click -> HERE <-


$    89.00 - Jim S.  ( 3 )
$  100.00 - Sargeguy  ( 5 )
$  129.00 - tallguy58  ( 1 )
$  145.00 - nolan613  ( 6 )
$  156.00 - wds  ( 8 )
$  222.00 - skyrider  ( 9 )
$  350.00 - 19and41  ( 4 )
$  380.00 - WEBellSystemChristian  ( 2 )
$  450.00 - HarrySmith  ( 7 )

Early Morning Auction Status

04-26-17      Listed      $    26.00
04-27-17      2 bids      $    31.00   ( 2 bidders )
04-28-17      2 bids      $    31.00
04-29-17      2 bids      $    31.00

Listing ended early (for a second time) by the seller on  29 Apr 2017 at 1:55:55PM PDT


05-03-17     Ends at 9:06:52AM PDT




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Well, this auction never took off so the seller must have taken a side deal. Better leverage at talking the seller into one of those when the phone does not get a bid in 3 or 4 days and stays a few bucks over the listed price. Will move it to the cancelled contest topic as another example of wasting my and your time . . .   :-\

So, while the contest guesses covered a wide range from not much to quite a bit of money, seller must have gotten disheartened by the lack of activity, and maybe with good cause, on both fronts. And maybe the phone market has slowed down. As such, the contest is cancelled with no winner. Thanks again to all who played along . . . 


IF the seller did make a side deal he/she probably didn't do as well compared to letting the auction run.  Sometimes there will be little or no action beyond place holder bids then the sniping runs up the price in the final minutes.  But then I've cancelled auctions that got no action.  Especially when I didn't want to deal with the "Is it still available?" inquiries if it didn't meet reserve. 


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