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*** The “Find of the YEAR” for 2018 ***

Started by Jim Stettler, January 02, 2018, 06:54:55 PM

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The "Find of the YEAR" for 2018     VOTE FOR THREE

Roody's 1896 Stromberg-Carlson Roman Column Candlestick for $99.95 & $25 shipping from an out of state pawn shop ad
21 (47.7%)
AE_Collector's Ericsson AC130 Skeletal from 1914 for about $40 US on FB Marketplace
14 (31.8%)
Gary Millam's WE 1712B 1A Interphone 10 button 2-line Princess Telephone for $24.99 from an Antique Store
5 (11.4%)
poplar1's Aqua Blue 5302G for $60.00 plus $18.00 shipping on eBay
13 (29.5%)
HarrySmith's "collection completing" Mediterranean Blue Miniature 500 for $20.00 from an ATCA member
4 (9.1%)
Sargeguy's WE 240 two-box TYPE 32/67 beveled glass door top box purchased locally $60
7 (15.9%)
Duffy's Clear 1958 Western Electric 500 F-53115 for less than $300 purchased in a group of phones from another collector
6 (13.6%)
Sargeguy's 1890s/1920s Western Electric cherry vanity telephone for $2,280 at an auction
8 (18.2%)
Russ Kirk's Western Electric 1956 Mahogany 500 C/D for $43.99 from a local antique store
11 (25%)
Gary Millam's Western Electric 1956 Mahogany Brown 500 C/D for $55.00 plus $22.00 on ETSY
4 (9.1%)
Butch Harlow's NOS red WE 500 w/ black dial and gray straight cords dated 7/54 for $50.00 from an Antique store
14 (31.8%)
Vern P's White WE 500U for $27.00 from an Antique shop
9 (20.5%)

Total Members Voted: 44


Four more voters and we will be at 40. Find of the Year is the one to vote for if you haven't voted already. It isn't too difficult to narrow down your favourite as you get THREE votes.


Jim Stettler

And the winner is :
Roody's 1896 Stromberg-Carlson Roman Column Candlestick for $99.95 & $25 shipping
Congratulations Roody.
That is a very nice find and worthy of a trophy:

Here is the "Find of the Month - Winners List" for all contests to date:
You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


Congrats to Roody on not only winning this years Find of the Year but also being the first, and possibly last, to win, to have a set of bookends like these. Winning one Find of the Year is hard enough but winning 2 out of 9, actually 2 out of the last 3 is quite remarkable, quite an achievement, indeed.


Congrats yet again Roody! How do you keep doing that? Congratulations.

This is as close as I will ever get to winning Find of the YEAR (tied for second place) considering that I think this was the only Find of the Month I have won! Thanks for the votes everyone!


Gary Z

Thanks everyone. What an honor and there was lots of great competition. They are getting harder to find. I owe it to lots of hunting, lots of luck and kissing a lot of frogs looking for that prince. I have piles of frogs in the garage!