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Picked one up at the Lancaster Show -- AE inbound

Started by Fushigi Ojisan, June 08, 2019, 07:54:04 PM

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Fushigi Ojisan

Didn't see too many postwar payphones and only one single-slot, but I was drawn to this AE in the same shade of green as my parents/childhood telephone.   I negotiated a deal pending the okay of Long Island Mike of and he agreed to look it over.

He declared it original and restorable, and so I bought it.  Just as Mike was putting it back together, the hook snapped off, awkward.   I decided I was going to proceed with the sale because the seller really cut the price, and he offered to send Mike a replacement hook to get it back up and running.

Don't have any model info yet, but it had a 1966 rebuild tag inside.   It also comes with full locks and keys.  I'll just do some cleanup on the plastic but leave the rest of the finish as-is (it was black with a green respray)

Its going to end up on my workbench when its done.
Fushigi Ojisan
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