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How to re-mount a #2 or #4 dial in a 302

Started by Bill, June 04, 2020, 06:16:49 PM

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I don't know if this is a dumb question, but I know I'm too dumb to figure it out.

I recently disassembled a couple WE 302 phones. In prep for refinishing, I took the dials out. When I removed the 3 screws that hold the dial in place, I found a bunch of junk. The dial gasket had turned to chunks and powder. There were rolled up wads of masking tape in the dial area, some star-type lockwashers with a section cut out, an unset brass rivet in each screw hole, and of course the screws, each with a split lockwasher. (The "rivets" look like a short section of brass tube with one end expanded and rolled outward, like a rivet head. The rivet fits through the mounting hole in the case, and one of the screws will fit through the rivet tube.)

I'm ready to re-mount the dials. For each dial, I have the three screws with their split lockwasher, the three rivets, and a new dial gasket. I cannot figure out how to mount the dials using these parts. In particular, what are the rivets for, and where do they go? For the parts I have, the rivets are too long, and won't allow the dial body to seat in the opening. Am I missing some parts? Can someone just give me the stack-up order of the parts? I would be grateful.

Many thanks


Jim Stettler

The " hollow rivets" are screw sleeves  that were in the rubber gasket.
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Jack Ryan

I think the gunk used to look like this:

You can't fit a No 2 dial to a 302 because the finger stop is in the way. The No 4 was redesigned to fit "internally" by moving the finger stop mounting inside the dial case.


Doug Rose

Bill...just go to Home Depot and buy a box off 100 washers that will fit these small screws from going thru and hold the dial secure. Bring the screw and you will have plenty for future endeavors ...Doug


they never used a #2 or a #4 dial on those, just the #5 and #6 dials.... you are customizing???

Desert Phone Guy

A number 4 dial was used in the early 1937 issues of the 302 with metal housings... I have a couple.