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Boy it's hot... But my work bench is clean.. Again

Started by Key2871, August 11, 2020, 08:02:12 PM

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I got me some more cordless tools over the last few months, so I had to revamp my old tool holder.
Well finished that up this morning then started to pick up the shed. Boy it's hot out there, and I did get some more stuff picked up and put away.
But I still have more to do, I found my paint that I used on my test desk, I guess I left it out over the winter.. I could have swore I brought that in the house.
Well it's toast, but it was only 2 bucks so not a huge loss. But I do hate to loose this stuff.

But I can see my bench again as small as it is, I had it full. Mostly over the winter stuff got put there and left and got so busy I just didn't get to it, till now.
The hottest day of the week.

But now I'm more motivated to get rolling again fixing the old phones up, and getting them done finally.

So has anyone else had the time to clean their work best? Or was it already done.


ken, aren't you in oregon? its been nice here.... in the high 80's... anyway, whats your shop look like? send us some pics!


Nope, I'm on the east coast. And yea I was thinking of a few shots tomorrow. I really would love to find a rolling task chair that I can use because if I have to get something on the other side of the shed, my old knees just hate to move anymore. Sucks getting old, but I gave been wanting to do more to make things more organized and easy to find.
I'm getting there but it's taking a while.
So yea I'll take a few shots tomorrow it's nothing great, yet I do hope to make it better.


Quote from: Key2871 on August 11, 2020, 08:02:12 PM
...has anyone else had the time to clean their work best? Or was it already done.

Your workbench build was the inspiration for me to sort myself out a dedicated workspace.

Temperatures averaging 95f (35 deg) right now, but my little workshop has 3ft thick stone walls so is staying cool enough to work in.

I found my task chair in a charity shop just before lockdown, was only €15 ($17 ish), so might be worth a look in some of those if you can.

Looking forward to seeing your latest photos.

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Well here are some shots of one side, cordless tools assorted stuff, and phones.
My cordless tools, left to right palm sander, jig saw, inflator, flashlight, three drill/ drivers, and my impact driver.

I got that last year and I debated for years to get one or not. Well I'm glad I did it drives 6 inch lags with ease.
The power inflator I got this spring it's great for tires of any type. Just got the saw off e bay because the price was right, and I like it over the newer ones.

I have some phones going up for sale, I really want them out, check the for sale section a bit later.


Some shots of the back and right side..
The payphone works, and moves out of the way when it's not used.
My power tools slide miter, and table saw under, a tool box with non telephone tools.
Under the counter of the work bench is storage for tools, etc for telephone work.

So everything is picked up and a clean floor.
Thank Fab for your comment, I do like your shop and those think walls are nice to keep the room cool and great place to beat the heat.

Next thing I want to find is an AC Unit that's small but works to cool the air dome while I'm out there in the summer.



I have no idea why the first and last shots are side ways.. Could Some one fix please?