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Beware of a little bug on eBay that may lead to inflated Values of telephones...

Started by PilotAndy1994, February 01, 2021, 08:46:41 PM

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This is something I became aware of whilst watching my own items sell:

say you have an item listed BIN on eBay, and you have several watchers. eBay now lets you send offers to those watchers every once in a while, and if you're lucky - you'll get a bite! There's a little caveat to this, though.

Now that the buyer has agreed to *your* offer, and they did not make an offer themselves, the price that phone shows as being sold for is the retail number the seller listed it at. There's a neat trick on where you could look at a ebay listing's source code and find out  what the best offer was - not for this trick! only shows you the offer price an item sold at, when the *buyer* made the initial offer!

This could potentially skew the "mindset" values for phones in the coming years on eBay - or until they fix the bug.

Hope you could smell what I'm stepping in.


Jim Stettler

It also happens when you make a low ball offer on a BIN or no-offer phone.

My clear NE rendezvous was listed at $550.00 BIN, I agreed on price before listing was $100.00
I was talking with seller about a different phone and she told me about the clear set. I made an offer and she set BIN at $550.00 w/ auto accept for $100.00
It shows as $550.00 on eBay.  This has been happening for over a year.

On listed items, sellers can chose to accept an offer , even if they did not include the option in there listing.
If they do, then their original price shows as the sell price.
You live, You learn,
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