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120B manuals needed

Started by xhausted110, August 08, 2021, 10:07:34 PM

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Hi everyone,

I just picked up a new old stock rotary AE 120B and am looking for the practice for it. DavePEI mentioned that he had scanned them in a pinned topic in this forum, but it seems that he never uploaded them to the TCI library, and the only docs that are available on the TCI library are addendums that don't cover the strapping.

- Evan


Sorry to hear of his passing. His website was a big part of my getting into phones.

What you linked to are the addendums I mentioned, they don't contain the information I need.

Thanks anyway,
- Evan


Oops I thought that was a download link on that post.
Yeah I am sorry i never got to meet him, I would have loved to visit his museum.

Is this the bsp your looking for?