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vault door

Started by Gmkubancsek, March 21, 2023, 01:30:08 PM

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Phone: AE LPC 86 55

Comment #1: Original vault lock removed- lock ID 22B (Made in Canada).  John R was able to fabricate a 30A lock for vault door and when installed, lock secures vault door.  However, a 3-slot coin box with anti-theft lid in place will not allow vault door to close and lock properly.

Comment #2:  although the phone is more a nostalgic piece and for decorative purposes, would another vault lock work to allow both the coin box lid and locking vault door.  There was some conjecture that the vault door may have been from a Northern Electric (vault door) unit on a AE phone.

I would appreciate any comments as to what may be happening.  From my Mech Engr background, I would assume there is a tolerance stack-up variance between vault door, the lock assembly, and coin box positioning inside vault.

Thank you.     


Did it fit before the lock was changed?
Harry Smith
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Stan S

This is just a guess but I'll bet you the locking lid of your three slot coin can is for a single slot can. The single slot lids were slightly larger front to back. The answer is a heavy hammer. Hammer the front of the lid to bend the lip closer to the top edge of the can. It will take a fair amount of hammering.