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AE 3 slot pay phone

Started by Dave, January 13, 2012, 10:12:05 AM

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I have an AE Postpay, and I once played around a with a simple DPST switch to reverse the polarity just to see how it worked.  I must say that the post-pay relay is both complicated and touchy. 

-Bill G


Quote from: GG on January 14, 2012, 06:57:50 AM
Seems like AE made their payphones in just about every color they used for the rest of their phones.   The light blue version looks nice.

Yes they did. A phone collector friend of mine had one of every color. There was even a dark blue though technically not quite the same as the dark blue 80 & 90 phones. This dark blue was called "Logo Blue" which refers to the GTE logo color.

Dave (not DavePEI):

It was common to have the upper housing locks disabled when phones were decommisioned so that a key wasn't required to open it. Our "Phone Mart" (Phone Company telephone store) even sold real 3-slot payphones that were set up for home use. This of course was when they were all being replaced with the new single slot payphones.

You probably meant that the "Vault Door" is held in place by a magnet, not that the coin box was held in by a magnet. Frequently the phone companies wouldn't send the retired phones out for home use with real vault doors. This also helped ensure that the phones didn't find their way back into use as a functioning payphone.



AE and I have different views on what constitutes a vault door. You're right I meant that hunk of metal on the front with the key hole in it. I however think of a vault door as something like this:

This is going to be my favorite phone. For now


No that is a Single Slot Payphone Vault Door!   ;)

I think "Vault Door" is a universal term for the coin box door on Payphones though over the years the security level provided by them increased.


Russ Kirk

I have an opportunity to buy an AE LPC 82-55 pay phone (I do not have it yet).  The seller does not have keys and I have contacted Jody to see if he sells them and if they are all keyed alike.  Can someone please post typical photos of the inside?  I want them so when do see it I can look to see if everything is there and correct.
- Russ Kirk


Quote from: DavePEI on January 13, 2012, 04:17:05 PM
The following will give you some idea about the differences between models. It is from a document written by Steve Cichorsky several years ago:

LPA Series = Manually Compensated (series rheostat). LPB Series = Self Compensating (varistor). LPC Series = P.C. Board Network."

PREPAY - LPA 82 & 92, LPB 82, LPC 72 & 82, 92N uses Western Electric F1A
handset, 101 induction coil and dial, 92W uses Western Electric F1A handset, 101 ind coil and AECo dial.

LOCAL PREPAY - LPA 89 & 99, LPB 89, LPC 79 & 89.

SEMI-POSTPAY - LPA 86 & 96, LPB 86, LPC 76 & 86, 60 series with type 40 monophone components.

POSTPAY - LPA 88 & 94 & 99, LPB 84 & 88.


Thanks, I learned something new,
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