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A Vintage Item Quiz

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Try not to be too disappointed in the telephone question.


Drat...missed 2...did not know wut a hacker was :o

missed 2 as well, hacker and Lamppost instead of Gas Lamp

Fushigi Ojisan:
Gen X-er, missed three (hacker, coffee grinder, and one other).

Most of them were no-brainers, and a few required more brains.

Interesting to me is that they couldn't be bothered to use the full name of the Atari Video Computer System (VCS).  Its from its part number (CX-2600) that it got its identity later on (and all Atari-made games have a part number that begin CZ-26XX, when they got to 100, they added another character rather than go to 2700)

Also, that tape deck was technically a receiver that happened to have a built-in 8-track.   

Missed 2. Picked pepper grinder instead of coffee grinder. Forgot the 2nd miss.


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