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Recordings and songs that refer to a phone.

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Greg G.:
Just for the fun of it, how many can we find?  I came across this odd-ball one at a thrift store.


Holy cow, I have that record, too.  :o

We're gonna have to find you a record player from the '40s or '50s, to save your records from the steel needles, though.  Yikes.

Greg G.:
The needles are designed to wear out after one play.  I'm not a vintage record collector, all of them I've acquired at thrift stores.  But yes, I'd like to get a half-way decent phonograph to play some of the better ones on.  The Victrola I got is for the 10s-30s sounds.

Jim Stettler:
I have seen some modern phonographs that use a hi-tech "needle. The sell for around $80. For about 300 you can get one that plays the record and burns it to CD.

These were at Target around Christmas.


Greg G.:
The $80 one would be my choice.  $300 would get me a nice phone.  I've never owned an audio system because I don't listen to music that much at home, but always wanted an old working Victrola.  My first choice was one of those table-top models with the big horns, but found out they're are prohibitively expensive.

But, my intent with this thread was recordings/songs that refer to a phone, so I renamed it so as not to get off-topic.


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