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Doug Rose:
Janet found this yesterday. It looks as if it was never used. Estate sale had a lot of Military stuff.

It is really heavy. I can't believe it was worn all day, it is that heavy. It has a decal that is perfect.

Is it real? Opinions???...Doug

I'm not into militaria stuff at all, but this one does not seem real to me. The decal is a copy of what was used by the Luftwaffe (air force) but just does not look authentic the way it is attached. More important, the German helmets had a distinctive brim.

A helmet is a hard hat, Helmut is a name that was popular in the German speaking countries between 1900 and 1950 :-)
2 German chancellors one after the other had this name (Schmidt and Kohl, in office 1974 - 1982 - 1998) so it is no wonder that anything German is called Helmut  :)
The Polish call imported German used tramway cars "Helmuts"  :)

Iíll have to agree with countryman. I see plenty of original WWII artefacts inc helmets in various states of condition. None like that one, likely repro.

*nearest match, M38 Para Helmet:

I'll third that, how often does a nos Helmut come available in mint condition? Uhh none.


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*nearest match, M38 Para Helmet:

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from my stupid civilian point of view I wonder how a parachutist would benefit from a steel helmet? Adding weight to get to solid ground faster? I better don't ask...


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