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Verizon killed my Blackberry today.


I think today was the launch of the i-phone 13 and coincident with this launch, Verizon did something to their network that put my Blackberry Q-20 over the edge.  I  tried everything but no go. Instead I made a trip to the apple store and bought an i-phone, then spend several hours trying to rescue data off my old phone. My new i-phone cost about as much as a nice fluted shaft oil can SC stick and didn't comes with a charger either--that's extra. I  sent one text and miss my Blackberry  with it's QWERTY buttons and square screen already.  I stuck with RIM for over ten years but I am tapping out.

Doug Rose:
I had a Work Berry for years and loved it. We went with Samsung a few years ago, I do miss the Berry.

I have paid for many cell phones, but never one for myself. Always a company phone...Doug


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