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NOS Kellogg Mic T-32 Just Shines

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Doug Rose:
is there any interest in mics or should I turn it into a stick. Paint is perfect as is the bottom ring....thanks...Doug

Hey Doug.
Nice, uh, mic...stick...???...
Either would look nice.
I have not heard of anybody jonesing for a mic for their switchboard. :-\
Bet it would be an awsome DJ mic??? ;D
Also, wern't those more for railroad installations, than switchboards???
Either way, if your gonna offer it for sale, a stick would prob bring more ???

Doug Rose:
thanks Rod....not sure what I will do...Doug

Doug Rose:
I have never taken a Kellogg Stick apart. I took the screws off the bottom and the screw of the top side for the transmitter.

It does not release, moves about .5 inch. I don't want to wreck this but I was trying to see if I could put this Keystone hook on it for a display. Do I have to release the lock in the base of the stick? Certainly not easy like a WE.

Any info is greatly appreciated...Doug

I don't see the point in modifying a nice clean microphone. I would think there are enough regular Kellogg sticks around.
The hookswitch is in the bottom of the phone. The hook you want to use won't work. the Kellogg hook is a long knee action thing that is contained in the shaft of the phone. the weight of the receiver causes the knee joint to move from one side to the other and the bottom half pushes down on the switch.  The hook is pivoted on an axle that goes through the outer diameter of the shaft . You would have to cut off the PTT button and weld the Keystone hook onto what's left.


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