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1950 Western electric model 500

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Got this a few months ago, a western electric 500 dated 8/50. Appears to be 3/50, but it isn't.
Cost me $40 off Facebook Marketplace. I like the curved 'OPERATOR' text on the dial, my other 1950 set doesn't have that

Doug Rose:
I do like the curved operator....nice find....Doug

That’s very nice.
I just found a 52 model that needs some help, and was excited about that. I doubt I’ll find an earlier one, but yours is really awesome!
Way to go…

Wow!  Congratulations!  My old one is a 1951, with the 425A network and a C3A ringer with the gas tube.  It does have the clear plastic dial face that is back-painted, but has the "operator" letters that curves along the outer edge, just like the later ones, but smaller letters.  It pales compared to your's though.



--- Quote from: phonium on November 20, 2021, 02:14:56 PM ---Got this a few months ago…

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Nice find. Have you any further info about the curved ‘operator’?
Could you add photos of the inside?  :)


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