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Bringing Phones Back from the Dead - Notable Refurbs

Started by Doug Rose, May 05, 2014, 06:30:36 PM

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Nick in Manitou

Doug Rose



Quote from: Phonesrfun on December 29, 2015, 01:32:51 PM
A year and a half ago I said I would post some pictures of my 293A restoration of a few years ago.  I guess I never did.  They are posted elsewhere in this forum, but here for this topic I am posting them again.  This is not notable on the same level as Dan/Panther's early 500, but it is notable for me with my skill set.

And now it's in the Photobucket Gallery, #25 of 25 phones.



-Bill G




Here is a notable refurb by HarrySmith . . .  which took him just about a year to bring back from a bad paint job to a very nice phone!

Original post for this phone starts here on the forum at January 2015 Find of the Month Nomination.

A full discussion of this phone, as it was being restored, can be found in Harrysmith's AE 35 Restoration topic.


Harry, that is an amazing refurb. Congratulations on being immortalised.


Where did you get all that elbow grease?  You have done a great job!


Thanks guys! It was a lot of work and turned out better than I expected. I am very happy about it. I can't wait to see what kind of money it brings.
I need to ask a favor. I have been trying to combine the before & after pics but have not been able to do it. Can someone here with better software than me please combine these into one nice picture? I would really appreciate it!


EDIT: images combined
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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While this phone was brush painted and dirty, it turned out very nice thanks to the remarkable smooth metal surface found under the black paint. After two months of off and on work, it turned out well. The phone is posted on the forum at this link:

Doug Rose

I went back into the ATCA Archives looking for a phone that I had that was like John's miracle 302 and came up with this tough to find 205 that I got on CL from NH about 10 years ado. I thought it was a lost cause, but I was more than happy with it in the end....Doug


b3tamax11 originally posted this phone, before and after, here but since it was taking on a life of its own, I split that post and its discussion off into it own topic, where more photos and discussion of the phone can take place, at:

and the before and after photos of the phone posted in that new topic are attached here to show the great job he did restoring this phone.




Here is a notable refurb by Roody . . .  of a rare Jade Green AE 50 that he found at a flea market for an extremely high $10! Cleaned up very nice, indeed, both inside and out.

A full discussion of this phone, as it was being restored, can be found in Roody's AE 50 Restoration topic.

The side by side photo is in the PhotoBucket Gallery slide show liked above.


Finally put the before and after photos together, the best I could. The whole sage of this refurb can be found at this link:

. . . including additional before and after internal images at the end of that topic.


Outstanding job, this telephone really looks great. How much work did you have to do on the dial? You should be very proud.
Bill Compton