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I can't believe what I got at the Flea Market!!!

Started by WEBellSystemChristian, September 28, 2014, 06:11:33 PM

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Today I want to a flea market, the only flea market in the area, and I can't believe what I now have my hands on!!!
The first thing I found was a pink 500, right next to an orange 554 and red SC 500. I flipped it over, expecting to see a late '60s date. NOPE, 10-58!!! I bought it for $40.

The next phones, a 500 and a 565,  were sitting on a table for $15 each. I liked the multiline because it had the original line cord and a 'Liberty' exchange card, the exchange area I live in! As I was looking at them, the woman running the booth started blatantly shouting haggling prices at me. "TEN DOLLARS EACH! NO, FIVE DOLLARS EACH!!' I agreed at $5 each, because I couldn't just leave them there.

The last lot, but by no means least, was found when I was in the booth across from it. Since I was only seeing the back of it I thought I was looking at a green 233G payphone upper housing. As I walked around to inspect it, I was shocked. I was not only looking at a 10 button 3 slot payphone housing, but I was looking at two of them!!! The seller wanted $25 for one and $29 for the other, but my mom (being the ultimate Price Adjuster) brought them down to $17.50 each!

I'm absolutely exhausted, but I couldn't be happier!
Christian Petterson

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Kenton K


Very, very nice finds! That pink should be very nice, after you re-die the cords.



Nice finds! Liberty was my areas prefix as well. I have bought phones just for the card as well.