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Auction 78: AE 40 in Orchid with Missing Trim

Started by AE_Collector, December 01, 2012, 11:58:57 AM

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TelePlay just sent me a link to a new auction for an Orchid AE 40. This is the same one that was grouped with a Red AE 40 and was the subject of our Auction Contest #74. The Red one is relisted as well. It is the same seller as last time as well so I have no idea what happened with the previous auction where the pair sold for $2247.22 with 29 bids.

Our Old Contest 74 ->

So this is an opportunity to see if they go for more individually than in pairs. This Orchid AE 40 is in *tough* shape and no one has really found a way to get warping out of these to the best of my knowledge. On the other hand, Orchid is the rarest of colors and is always badly discolored.

Current ebaY Listing ->

Old ebaY Listing for Both AE 40's ->

I say $1015


Sold for $473.39
$500.00 - TelePlay  **WINNER**
$575.00 - K1WI
$850.00 - DavePEI
$920.00 - Gilas
$1015.00 - AE_Collector
$1100.00 - wds


Andy F    K1WI


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Sold for $473.39 including shipping.

Terry, will you be sending my award UPS or FedEx? Or will direct deposit be okay?  ;D


Yeah wow....I am shocked that this went so low. I know it is in awful shape BUT, most Orchid sets have changed to a baby blue color but this one has area's of the shell at least that are the correct color and Orchid must be the rarest of the AE colors.

I was out but had my wife throw a $260 bid on it just for fun. What I didn't know was that she called my son in law to have him snipe it at just over $400 so that if he got it I wouldn't know who won it and I would get it for Christmas. She said it would be worth it to see us all on the forum here trying figure out who the %$#* won it!

I just took a look and I know who the (CRPF Memeber) new owner is! Bill, if you are checking here time to check in and give us all the details.

TelePlay: I'll use direct deposit of your winnings if that is okay with you. You win by default since the closest bid which isn't OVER the final selling price is the winner but where no one guessed lower than the final price the lowest guess wins.

The seller must be ticked. Sold the pair for over $2200 a month ago but they were returned for not being as advertised (worse condition than the pictures showed) and now they sold for less than $1000 total.

Congrats TelePlay!

I haven't even looked at the red one yet, you could be the winner there too. off to take a look....