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When is a plastic discolored phone past the point of no return?

Started by TelePlay, July 22, 2018, 10:28:54 AM

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This picture, taken with my iPhone outdoors on a sunny day by placing the phone in a shaded area, best shows the true color of this phone after restoration and also demonstrated my intense disappointment with the successful but fake PC agenda leading to the destruction/elimination of the Edison lamp in favor of all of the much less desirable light sources which produce partial visible spectum illumination which significantly confuses the chip and software within an iPhone, and other digital cameras, "trying" to produce images that the iPhone "thinks" are color correct (color balanced and intensity corrected) but in reality fail in that effort and end up producing significantly color distorted images.

This is indeed the yellow created by WE years ago and what is seen by the eye, not the camera chip and software under poor artificial light sources.


WOW! What a difference. I started taking pictures of my phones in sunlight for the same reason, I could never get a good color indoors. Looks Great!
Harry Smith
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Wow indeed. Yes, what a difference. And now I can see the wicker nicely too.  :)

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Butch Harlow

I hoarded Edison bulbs starting back in 2010. I have hundreds of 100, 75, and 60 watt bulbs in a storage locker. I agree, nothing produces better light than a good old Edison bulb. I should sell some.
Butch Harlow


John - I admit that I voted "no" on spending the time/energy here, but wow, another stellar job aided by your honed process.  Really nice work!!!




What a fantastic job of restoration. I love that shade of yellow. I would say that I would have never thought it would ever look like that again but, I knew if anyone could bring that phone back to it's former glory, it would be you.

You set the bar high for the rest of us...Very Nice!

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Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

"There is no try,
there is only
do or do not"


When I 1st started reading this thread, I thought yes this phone is "past the point of no return". Very nice job John.


Major Deja Vu opening this thread!

I have the same model but touchtone. It was equally yellowed .

I posted a thread here a while back asking how these handsets  come apart and got no answer. Therfore soaking it in anything was out of the question, and I actually began stealing parts off it for other phones

Then I did an oxyclean/bleach with light sanding and 0000 steel wool on the base.

The base was looking good after some work. Put the original parts back in it and had an awful yellow dark handset for some time . I giot tired of look at the dark yellow handset.

Then i took a leap of faith and bacause I did not want steel wool clogging up microphone and speaker (which is magnetic and would attract steel wool particles). I taped over those holes as it was not yellowed there hardly at all.

then I sanded, sanded some more steel wooled , did not like it still then went back to more sanding and steel wool. In the end I did okay considering I was inclined to part it out in the beginniing.

I finished it up with a buffing disk, hand buffing then Turtle Wax.

If you look at the iast image with handset on its side, you can see the yellowing in the recess (where this handet would hang if it were a wall phone) although I did clean up the recess some it was the most difficult. I confirmed this is not lighting rather shows about how it is now. Still dark in that recess.

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wow! That's like a completely different phone now! Very nice work as always. While some have said this may not have been worth the time per say, I counter with "getting there is half the fun". I collect WWII era rifles and go out of my way to find the basket case. I find it far more rewarding to rebuild and put my own work into something rather than get a show piece off the shelf. Plus I don't have Doug Rose's luck, so I don't come across show pieces very often  ;D

Doug Rose



Those handsets are very difficult to get apart. I have started at the top with a very small flat screwdriver working it in to release the clips that hold the two halves together.
If your not extremely careful, you will crack the upper case.

But I do have to say, you did an excellent job removing the discoloration. You and John did very nice work, congrats.