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"Old" VoIP Tech

Started by markosjal, January 13, 2023, 04:07:50 PM

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As it has now been 20 years I call this "old VoIP Phone tech"

I wanted to start a thread about early VoIP tech.

I will kick it off with what introduced me to VoIP back in 1999. This was the holy grail as it was the first device I saw that allowed me to connect a real phone and it cost only 5 Cents per minute to call ANYWHERE in the USA. That was a fraction of what I was paying for "Inter LATA" calls to Qwest/Pacific Northwest Bell at the time. Those were the most expensive calls. Qwest/Pacific Northwest Bell Price gouged on calls to the other site of the state and they cost more than  calls handled by my selected long distance provider to call the other side of the country. In any case I do not believe any long distance call was less than about 10 cents per minute. in those days

This device stared my interest in VoIP. I sold some and used it to start my first VoIP business.

Nobody believed you could make "real" phone calls over the internet, but as this was the first device I knew of that did not use a computer and connected to a regular phone, it proved so many of them wrong.
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