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43A/G1 Space Saver wiring question

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I have a WE Space Saver 43A/G1 with 5H dial and 684 subset.  I have restored the 684 with no problems (I restored one earlier with lots of help form the forum - thanks!). 

1. The phone came with a 5-cond subset cord to the 684.  I don't see the need for 5-cond with a 684.  Am I missing something?

2. The diagram I'm using is a 211 diagram from but the diagram is confusing (to me anyway) as there are places where a wire seems to split into separate solid and dashed sections.  For example, the white lead of the handset cord seems to split with a solid line to the W terminal of the hookswitch and a dashed line to the W terminal of the dial.  Am I using the correct schematic?  Is there a correct or better one?

I've searched the forums here with no success.  You think I'd be able to read a schematic after GA Tech, but it was 26 years ago.  Do I need new glasses?


The dashed and solid lines depict the optional wiring of a dial or no dial arrangement.

I thought I'd jump in and say that, but being at work at the moment,  I cannot delve into it to give you a more solid answer.  Someone else may want to jump in at this point.  I can definitely look at this late tonight.


Bill is correct. The dashed lines are for the dial and 61M filter if used.
The filter was used mostly in the old days so the dial pulses would not be heard in your AM radio.

I understand the 61M filter, but all of the connections to the dial are dashed in the schematic.  The handset cord has two conductors (black and white) that appear to each diverge to two separate locations.  I'm stymied.

Bill, if you'd check my work on this, I'd appreciate it.  I took the diagram and altered it to reflect the dial, without a filter.

j.bridwell, give this a try, I think it should work:


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