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I find myself forced to switch from my longtime traditional telephone line to voice-over internet, which is digital of course. As we know, old rotary dial phones won't work with a digital line unless there's an adapter. I've been looking at (Cisco) AT adapters and, in addition, another adapter to convert pulse to tone dialing. I would welcome any suggestions anyone might have or directions to a thread about this topic. Thanks and good holidays to all - and STAY SAFE.

I dont have a landline myself, but from what others have said rotatone is a good one

I use an omi.
works well, and accepts rotary dialing

I am using Ooma phone service and a DialGizmo pulse-to-tone converter.  I am not thrilled with the Ooma service.  It lacks a number of features which it really should have, calls are often suddenly disconnected, and there is a serious latency in the sound (which is probably mostly Comcast's fault).  Also, the Telo box that it uses barely provides enough ringing current to ring two ringers.  The DialGizmo mostly works well, but it is necessary to pause between dialing digits, it often generates tones on slight voltage glitches on the line, and the '*' and '#' dialing do not work.


The Grandstream HT802 ATA supports pulse to tone conversion. Several people I know are quite happy with it and use it with as their service provider.

For myself my current setup is an Obi200 with google voice as my service provider. The Obi doesn't do pulse so I'm using a Panasonic KX-TA824 Hybrid PBX (which does do pulse to tone) as my home phone system with the Obi as the outside line.

Have you already made the swtich or are you just starting to look?


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