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Subset wiring diagrams to WE 102/202?

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Come in Nighthawk:
Being a non-technical-type, standard technical wiring diagrams give me a migraine.  :-\  I was wondering if anyone has discovered and organized a good set of "visual" (and better yet, colorized) subset wiring diagrams appropriate to connect to WE 102/202 mounts?

I.E. similar to the excellent diagrams in this tread:

...for the 534, 584, 634, and 684 subsets?   ???

you are dealing with four conductor cords on the antisidetone, and three conductors for the sidetone, and they are supposed to be color coded.


Red Connects to R in the subset
Yellow connects to L2/Y in the subset
Green connects to GN in the subset

Antisidetone is the same as above, plus:

Black connects to BK in the subset

Come in Nighthawk:
That helps.  Now, for one more dumb question.  Connecting the subset to the wall, once it is connected to the phone?

Do you use another four-line cord that terminates in a modular RJ-11 plug?  And do you connect the four cords to the same terminals as the cord running from the phone?  Or to a different set of terminals? 

Appreciate the help!   :)

You certainly can use a cord that terminates with the RJ11 plug, as that is what most homes are made to accept these days.  Connect the red lead to L1 & the green lead to L2 inside your subset, & you're in business.  You will not need the yellow or black leads, so either tape them off or find an unused terminal to fasten them to.

Come in Nighthawk:
Be gentle w/ the newbie guys.  :D

First, from what I've read in a few books and on this forum, what made old phones "sidetone" (or really what we'd call "feedback" today?), was really (or mostly) caused by the quality of the "transmitter?" and not so much by the "receiver" (earpiece?).  W.E. at least actively sought to "fix" this by making some sort of internal ("guts") changes to their subset, although at about the same time, they introduced a new transmitter capsule (the F1?) which with improved materials (?) cut down on the sidetone too?

That said then, you could find a B-1 or D-1 mount (with E-1 handset) wired into either an earlier "sidetone" subset or a newer "anti-sidetone" subset? 

OK, then if I am reading the advice aright:

IF I have correctly identified my subset, and am using a Sidetone subset:

Take the Red cord from the "R" in the fone mount and connect to the "R" in the subset.
Take the Yellow cord from the "Y" in the fone mount and connect to the L2/Y in the subset.???
Take the Green cord from the "GN" in the fone mount and connect to the GN in the subset.

Antisidetone is the same as above, plus:

Take the Black cord from the "BK" in the fone mount and connect to the "BK" in the subset.

From EITHER subset to the wall, using a cord terminating with the RJ11 plug:  Connect the red lead to "L1" & the green lead to "L2" inside the subset, & either terminate "harmlessly" the other two leads, or tape them up, so in either case they make no contact inside the subset?

And if the PHONE is still operable, and the subset is too, then I should be "in business," n'est ce pa?  ???

Jamesir Bensonmum: "I don't think we have any Nespa, sir. Just Hershey's."   ::)



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