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Improving transmitter volume

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Now I must figure out how to make the volume a little louder on my WE 202.  The receiver sounds lower since the mini network installation and people I talk to on it say that my voice is very low.  Hmmm...?  Any suggestions?

Jim Stettler:
If it has a F handset, you could swap it to a F that takes the G elements. This should work.

That is interesting, because whe I did the mini network on my 202, I found just the opposite.  the volume in the receiver was a little louder than normal, in part because the way it is connected, it does bypass part of the equalization circuit.  The F1 handset should work fine

Can you look carefully at the way you have it wired and post the exact connections, or take a couple of photos?  Have you changed the wiring inside the base of the phone from the original photo you shared?

If you don't have the latest edition of Old-Time Telephones hopefully Bill can back me up on this. Go to page 206 first, and then page 184. On page 206 in the middle of the 2nd paragraph of "Desk Stand Implants" Ralph says to clip out the Blue wire and the two resistors that go to it. They are the 820 & 1000 ohm resistors. Looking at your mini network they will be the two resistors hiding under the purple capacitor. Page 184 shows the network schematic and where the Blue wire & two resistors fit in to the circuit.

I did not change any of the wiring since the picture was posted.  The network is hooked up exactly as pictured in the schematic (except for the red network wire on mine is black). I noticed before I installed the network that the phone would pick up a dial tone when plugged in and the dial tone was very clear and plenty loud.  But not now.  I wish I had tried to speak with someone on an incoming call when it was like that.  It would establish if the mouthpiece element was bad.  I will try to post pics later.


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