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Hi everyone it's been awhile since I've been around. I've been getting up to speed on all the latest VOIP discussion but I've found nothing that answers my questions and dilemma that have come up.

We're looking into getting AT&T Uverse so we can upgrade our internet service, right now we have two AT&T POTS lines and DSL for internet. One of the pots lines has a second number and distinctive ring for a fax machine (the second, line a business line) and then the main house line.

Say we move over to Uverse, the cheapest thing to do to maintain those 3 numbers would be to convert the two lines to VOIP and make the 3rd (distinctive ring) number it's own POTS line for the fax (Uverse only allows up to two lines). That leaves us with the main house line and the business line on VOIP.  Now here's my problem, the main house line is the line I use my rotary phones on, (302 is the main line's ringer) and there is no way I will allow my phones to become useless in dialing out.

I was looking into the rotatone and other pulse to tone converters but a few of them say they specifically won't work with Uverse modems, (it's already known that the Uverse modem is not pulse capable). I also saw the dial gizmo, has anyone used that one before? their website said nothing about what modems it might or might not be compatible with.
I know another option is finding a good used PBX, but that's gonna be out of the budget for awhile.

The other thing were considering is keeping the main number on POTS, and the two other numbers VOIP, but that's gonna cost more that way in the plan. (it will cost more that way because we need voicemail and caller ID on the main number, but not on a fax number)

Anyway, to finally get to the point. Does anyone have Uverse and have you found a way to make your rotary phones work on it? I'd love to know what you did.


You can get ATT Uverse with improved Internet service and not have to touch your POTS lines. That's the way we have it set up at home.


--- Quote from: JorgeAmely on July 25, 2011, 12:36:56 AM ---You can get ATT Uverse with improved Internet service and not have to touch your POTS lines. That's the way we have it set up at home.

--- End quote ---

Thats exactly what I was thinking Jorge. I don't know the ins and outs of how AT&T markets Uverse TV but I have Telus Optik TV here in Western Canada and it is the same thing. Microsoft Mediaroom delivered over ADSL service via neighbourhood RDAC cabinets that are fiber fed so only "the last mile" of the circuit is copper. I currently have 31 meg ADSL service giving me three HDTV streams and one SDTV stream to the house along with 15 meg reserved for internet. Nothing else changed as far as my phone service and I have pretty much what GusHerb has. Two POTS lines. One is just the fax line and the other POTS line has two numbers on it (distinctive ringing), voice mail, call display AND the DSL/TV service.


Thanks guys. If we did that then I'd assume they would have to use the 3rd pair in the line coming to the house for the Uverse internet since I believe you can't do both POTS and Uverse internet on the same pair of wires (no idea about that but that's my impression).
I think keeping the two POTS lines as they are and then adding Uverse internet might be more expensive then doing two lines on VOIP and having a single POTS line, I'll have to start looking into that tomorrow.

There's so many options it's overwhelming, I've spent this whole day analyzing all of our available options that allow rotary/pulse dialing to STAY and internet speed to be improved vastly without increasing costs by too much.

Jorge you telling me that you have kept POTS and upgraded to Uverse internet at the same time is pretty much what I was hoping to hear. Did you have to use a separate wire pair for the internet service then? Did AT&T make a big stink about that?
The techs were saying that it's all on fiber optic now (I remember when they installed the fiber in the neighborhood 7 years ago...) and the difference between regular DSL service and the Uverse, is regular DSL service is converted to analog when it switches to copper where Uverse stays a digital signal all the way to the house. I'm not entirely clear on that but that is also my impression.

Terry your setup sounds just like Uverse. I hope they are the same in allowing the two POTS lines to stay and just add the improved internet service. I'll find out tomorrow hopefully.

Ditch the fax altogether and use fax-to-email service for incoming faxes if you really have to.


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