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Another Rotary 500

Started by Konrad, January 19, 2009, 08:22:26 PM

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I was cruising the fleabay phone emporium.  After I scrolled past it my brain realized I just went past a 99 cent listing ending soon.  I scrolled back and there was not even a thumbnail preview and the title was Western Electric Black Rotary Dial Telephone 1950 Phone.  First few pictures were blurry but then nothing on the body back of the cradle, and not a 500 base but a 5302 base and then a picture with the numbers confirming a 5302.  only one bid at 99 cents but the bidder was bidding on a lot of phones and had an 1800+ feedback.  Sniped it at 5 seconds for $11.06 my first 5302  ;D
( dead link 05-13-21 )


Looks like you got a good deal on a good phone.

I really, really like 5302s. They're fascinating to study, as it seems to me that no two are exactly alike. I have two, and can easily point out a half dozen differences between the two.

In any case, congratulations-$20 is a heck of a good price for one.


Well done indeed.  I too like the 5302s and wish I had one.  Give us some pics when it arrives.


Nexst in line in my mind to the 302. I like both of mine and they work exceptionally well.
They also feel like tanks.
A great find.

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