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WE500 L/M works but wiring differs from TCI Library

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We picked up this WE500 L/M dated to 1969 @ the flea a couple of weekends ago for $5. Wear & cosmetic issues are hopefully all that is wrong - my first attempt at sanding! It makes & receives calls & the ringer rings. However, when I checked the wiring diagram
I noticed that some connections on the terminal strip are made to different points. Is this a problem?
Any help for these cracked rubber feet?

Thanks for your help.

It's probably ok if it works.  Many wiring differences are based on individual applications and are inconsequential.  However, you can't go wrong by wiring it to the diagram, but if it works, that's ok too.  It won't harm anything.

"If it aint broke, don't fix it" as a wise man once said.

Your phone is wired correctly according to Bell System Practice #502-580-405 (Nov. 1975) despite what the diagram on TCI site shows.

When the colors of the hookswitch wires changed to solid colors, instead of slate-yellow on L2 and slate-brown on C, they now used green on L2 and white on C (as in your phone).

The TCI diagram shows a variation in the normal wiring for a 500M set where the talk circuit connected to the red and green line cord wires, and the ringer to black and yellow (terminals 3 and 4). In other words, if you connect only the red and green wires, the phone as shown in the TCI diagram would not ring.

Thanks for the sage advice.   I did try to look for a BSP but couldn't find it ! Searching for the BSPs is proving rather elusive for me...


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