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Do Any Of You Collect Typewriters?

Started by foots, June 06, 2009, 05:29:21 PM

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That's a nice Underwood, but what is really catching my eye is that adding machine. What brand is that? Is it manual or electric? What time period is it from?
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its an Olivetti Adding Machine, a manual one. It is still in working condition but I have no idea how to use it. I was born in an era where electric calculators ruled over manual adding machines :D As far as my research goes, this adding machine was manufactured during the 60's.

Below is an interesting site about Olivetti adding machines


I was born in 1978. Most manual adding machines are easy to use such as the Hermes brand I have which I guess is from the 1960s  ???  -  I can't any info on Hermes adding machines anywhere.
I found this place that sells reproduction user manuals
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Since adding machines were mentioned also, I thought I'd throw in a picture of mine

This was in a cabinet at church for years, never used, and it always fascinated me. I inquired about it several times, and even offered to buy it, but no one ever seemed inclined to sell it. I gave up, only for it to show up two or three years ago at the annual church yardsale for $.50.


Also, here's my Dad's old Singer portable. Like I said, nothing too special, but it works great and is really pleasant to use

Bill Cahill

That was it! The large type typewriters in my homeroom were Underwood.
Can anyone find me one in good shape?
They really typed in large print.
They were made for sight inpaired people in the 50's.
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Benhutcherson, that is a mighty fine adding machine, especially for only .50 cents. That Singer is a nice peice too.  Do you use that adding machine?

Typewriters and adding machines were very expensive way back when, especially the full sized ones. Both are, in my opinion, very finely crafted machines and well built. Strange thing is, these days, even ones in good condition are usually cheaply priced. My Smith-Corona DeLuxe portable still has its receipt with it. It was purchased in Feb. 1978 for $175.00. I see mint condition ones go for as little as $10 to $15.

Mienaichizu, thanks for that link - I'll do some more reading up on it.

Can anyone help me find info on Hermes adding machines? I have searched and searched the net and can't find squat.
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No, I don't really use it other than as a curiosity. This particular model uses a nylon ribbon, and I haven't been able to find an appropriate replacement. I could probably use another available ribbon and rewind it onto the spools(what I also had to do with my Remington typewriter) but that's a messy job that I haven't wanted to get into. Also, most of the time, I at the very least need full add/subtract/multiply/divide capability, which the adding machine can't do.

I still have an electric paper tape adding machine that I use from time to time, and if I ever get a new ribbon on my mechanical adding machine, I'll probably retire the electric one.

I need to dig out my old Remington typewriter and post a picture of that, too.


I'd like to see that Remington. For your adding machine, have you tried this place?

Anybody else here have typewriters or adding machines?
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today I went to the Postal Museum here in Manila. A hidden museum in which not many of the public knows about it. I only heard it thru a friend of mine. He has posted pics of their collection in his blog site which includes typewriters, adding machines, scales, mail boxes and a lone WE302. Below is the link

Dennis Markham

It looks like the 302 has an AE dial.


That's a cool museum. Dennis, you must have been an eagle in your previous life to spot that.
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whoops! I didn't notice that, I was not paying too much attention to it


I have seen IBM Selectric's for a few dollars at Thrift Stores etc.

I had one for years but it was starting to act up a bit and figured I could use the space for other things so I dropped it into our scrap metal bin at work a year or two ago.