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Started by Tech&Music, October 20, 2015, 08:58:16 PM

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I just received my latest order! Three PTT T65 models for only €20 in total, with a thrown in surprise.

First, a De Luxe Smaragd (Emerald) model by Heemaf, which is in better condition than the Ericsson I have, so the Ericsson will be a parts phone. This Heemaf has a sticky dial so I'll just swap them between the Heemaf and the Ericsson as well. I can also try buffing techniques on that Ericsson without worrying about ruining the phone. If I find a good method, I can apply that to all phones that need restoration.

Next is a unknown brand (the label is replaced with a "Private Phone" label with the names and signatures of inspectors on it, perhaps from a refurb?) De Luxe Orange model. The dial makes clanging noises (I will upload YouTube videos later) when rotating, but works fine. The earth key is white instead of black, which is why I suspect that it might have been refurbished at some point. I can of course get a black earth key from the Ericsson parts phone.

Then we have the phone I really wanted: The Ericsson CWP (Central Work Place, who refurbished units and made the Delft housings) Delft phone. It's completely see-through transparent, and just a really cool phone. It lacked a phone cord but I was able to get that from the surprise phone that came with it, and it works just fine. It's just so cool that you can see the bells ring when someone calls! These alone go for €20 at the least (I was actually bidding on a Delft phone and the seller said I could have it for €20, but then these came along), sometimes even higher, so this is a score!

The surprise phone is this ugly Primafoon designed by Dutch designer Jan Des Bouvrie. It came with a note saying that it was thrown in due to the seller doing a clean up. This thing is so square, so ugly, I'm not keeping it. It works, but who cares. Probably going to drop it off at my favourite thrift shop, maybe someone else will like it.

Jim Stettler

Nice clear delft. Now you need the clear pink and clear neon green to go with it.
Jim S.
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nice phones and nice pictures as well.  Thanks for sharing them.
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Here she is: the PTT red Ericofon!
This one was offered at only €10 on Marktplaats, but it turned into a bit of a bidding frenzy with me settling the top bid of €31 and being granted the phone by the seller.
It's a bit more of a rarity among Ericofons, due to the dark red colour that is only seen on the PTT Ericofons. It gets a 6 out of 10 on the rarity scale of The other colours offered by the PTT were white and brown, although two iterations of white exist. The faded ivory colour is fairly common (3 out of 10 on that scale of, but the snow white one is much more rare (7 out of 10). Brown is very common again (3 out of 10). I own PTT Red and Brown as of now. Am very happy with this! This and the other Ericofon will need new rubber rings, but for the rest they are fine!
Video on the red Ericofon:
Video on the brown Ericofon:


Another picture of my Ericofons, because now I've got them some new rubber rings. I've got them, along with a new dial face for the red Ericofon, from Dutch Ericofon Collector Paul from If you look at the previous pics of my red Ericofon, you can see it has cracks in the dial face, due to the previous owner tightening them too much. The new dial face is used, but has no such cracks and looks a whole lot better!


Hello Daniël,

they look great!!  :D
It was a pleasure to help you out with the gaskets and the PTT dial face.

Best regards

With kind regards,