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SA 16: WE 1967 300B Triode Vacuum Tubes Special Contest - Ended 11-22-16

Started by TelePlay, November 18, 2016, 11:57:07 AM

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Christian Petterson

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The one on the right appears internally damaged. They may not sell at all. JMHO


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Quote from: Dan/Panther on November 20, 2016, 11:03:48 AM
The one on the right appears internally damaged.

I see what appears to be the difference internally between the tubes but I'm not sure if they were made that way or are indeed damaged. The seller tested them and their output seems to say they are working fine and are matched. Maybe someone else knows more about how these are made, hand or machine assembled before the glass envelope process and air removal.


The winner of Special Auction Contest #16 is TelePlay, who with the 12th and final entry into the contest offered the winning guess of $4,150.00. That guess gave him his 3rd win moving him up one rung in the Special Contest Standings.

The rare WE vacuum tubes started at $1.00 and on the 2nd day of the auction, jumped to $1,325 and within the next 3 days rose to $1,425 where it stayed until the last 15 minutes of the auction.  It was interesting watching the "thrust and parry" of several bidders trying to expose a high bid of $2,100 placed my g***g  ( 3 ) about 8 hours before end time. About and hour and a half later, g***g ( 3 ) upped the high bid to $3,500. There were 4 snipes with one being a high bid with 21 seconds to go u***f ( 249 ). It was high enough to exceed a last second snipe by m***9 ( 11 ) of $4,150 with 4 seconds to go and u***f (249 ) took the tubes home for a cool $4,200 even (the bid history is below, just in case I read it wrong way to late into the evening). The auction saw very high 16 bidders placing 38 bids. Lot of people wanted these tubes, one person took them home for a price.

Check out the updated Special Auction Contest Standings to see who's who through 16 contests.

Thanks again to all who played. As always, there is only one way to get on the winner's board or move up a rung - you have to play to win.

This is how the bidding looked over the last 15 minutes of the auction:

15   $1,825
12   $2,225
10   $2,225
7   $2,550
5   $2,550
3   $2,550
2   $2,850
1   $2,850

45   $2,850
30   $3,000
15   $3,550
10   $3,550
5   $3,550
0   $4,200