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Wanted - W.E. 2504-BM Schematic

Started by Ktownphoneco, November 14, 2016, 03:36:25 PM

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Good Afternoon All  ....   I'm looking for a schematic diagram for a Western Electric 2504-BM desk set.    I've done a search of the TCI Library, and found some listings for components, like dials used, etc., etc., but not a schematic.       If anyone has one in either "PDF" or as an "image" file, could you post it for me please.

Thanks very much !

Jeff Lamb


Here is a copy of a wiring diagram supplied with a 2504BMW. It went to non-Bell customers, who didn't have access to the BSPs. Unfortunately, it doesn't show connections for 4-wire operation.

It's also in the TCI Library.  Check the Inbox.
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