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A modified 315H? handset type needed

Started by RB, October 25, 2018, 11:22:42 AM

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I have a 315H that I understand, has been modified to have a hook switch.
It did not come with a handset, but a Kellogg fits on the hook.
Whatever was intended for this mod, used a thin necked receiver, as the hook is narrow, and a thick necked rec will not hang properly.
Also, the "original" schematic, called for a 3 wire handset. Mine needs to be a 4 wire handset.
Can anyone tell me what would have been the correct handset?
and where I may find one.


Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line



RB   ...  If the manufacturer is Western Electric, a type 315H is a magneto subscriber set.     Usually made of oak, has a No. 13 induction coil, a type 22A magneto / generator and door mounted ringer and no condenser.     It would normally be used with a manual desk stand, i.e., 20-AL or 40-AL and perhaps even a manual desk set, i.e., B1.   
But as Paul mentioned, pictures would be nice so we can see what your looking at.       W.E. Catalog page is shown below of a 315H magneto set.   Double click to enlarge.

Jeff Lamb


Thanks Jeff.
It is indeed a WE 315H. I too have that pic.
Mine, however, has the addition of the switch hook installed inside the box.
So, it uses just a handset.
I will take a couple pics and post.


Here is a pic of the side of the 315H...I hope

and one inside


That is a Kellogg hook so it would need a Kellogg handset


Cool. I have one, and it fits nicely...but the transmitter is dead, and its a 3 wire handset, and I need a 4 wire.
Did Kellogg make a 4 wire version?
Also, where can I find a replacement transmitter?