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Discolored Dove Gray 564

Started by Babybearjs, May 12, 2019, 05:09:02 PM

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I was trying to remember who it was who did that method of UV Retrobriting using partially dismantled Philips LED lamps, his video (following link) prompted me to buy some Royal Blue 1 Watt LED beads, I just couldn't recall whose video it was!!! ;D


Quote from: twocvbloke on May 14, 2019, 09:12:28 AM
There's still some debate as to whether it's the UV, the heat or a combination of both that accelerates the process of de-yellowing, but the sun provides both UV and heat, so saves burning electricity on running a stove and/or UV lights to achieve the desired effect, unless it's in the middle of winter when ol' Sol is at it's lowest effect... :)
I achieved good results by simply setting my "tub" with the immersed parts in it, out in the yard under full sunlight in the middle of the day. I do have some short-wave UV lights that I have acquired but haven't tried yet; should be interesting.
Ray Kotke
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thank you. I appreciate the feed back. right now with our weather being what it is... the restoration project has to wait. its rainy here right now and I still need to get a container to put the parts in it. what is the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water? 2 to 1? or weaker? the stuff I have on hand is 3.0% its the basic hydrogen peroxide you get in the stores for first-aide.


I have the set sitting on my porch. the morning sun hits it from the side and all the discoloration seems to be gone except for the side that doesn't get any sun.  so today, I took the receiver off- hook and turned the phone around so the part that is still discolored can get some sun! hope this works fast! its not a lot of discoloration, but its there...