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Fatboy needs schematic

Started by Mark S, July 27, 2019, 03:27:41 PM

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Mark S

Just got my first Fatboy 1212, but it's D.O.A..  I don't see the 1212 listed in the wiring diagrams.  Does anyone know where I might access a readable schematic for this phone? 
Also, the fingerwheel has issues, does anyone know who SC was using for the dial during this period.

Jim Stettler

I searched the TCI library with the google search option
Stromberg carlson 1212 wiring brought up several hits. The first one is below

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Mark S

Thank you!  Your link has allowed me to get a dial tone and receive off to figure out why my dial sometimes catches and it won't ring.


For other wiring diagrams, try this Library search:

Your dial looks like a Stromberg Carlson C-series dial. they are notoriously more challenging to clean and align properly than some of the other makers -- but can be made to work fine.

There's a great reference here:
(Download the smaller OCR version.)

Whenever static is involved, there's the possibility of intermittant connections in places you haven't looked - yet. There are also spring contacts to clean in the dial and handset. Cords may be failing. I have even found intermittant connections between a wire and the spade tip -- even though the wire looked fine. It may take continuity testing each run to find non-visible damage. Good luck.
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Mark S