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SA 18: Unusual Antique Telephone (Prototype?) - Ended 02-25-20

Started by TelePlay, February 20, 2020, 08:08:06 AM

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New and not so new forum members are very welcome and encouraged to take a guess. There are no wrong guesses, just one lucky guess. No one knows the winning bid on any auction until it ends. However, it is important to get your guess in before someone else grabs your guess. New guesses must be at least $10 away from any prior guess.

Everyone is entitled to one (1) guess revision as long as it is posted in a reply at least 24 hours prior to the eBay auction ending.

SUnset2 posted this no bid phone on the forum in this discussion topic:

This special auction contest is just for the fun to see if Larry is right.

This is starting as a "special rules" no winner contest, the best guesser will not be included in the CRPF Auction Contest Hall of Fame or be counted in the CRPF Contest Standings as a win. This one is just for fun, the best guesser will take a place in the Special Auction Contest Standings.


$    300.00 - andre_janew  ( 5 )
$    350.00 - Scott  ( 1 )
$    750.00 - compubit  ( 9 )
$ 1,202.00 - david@london  ( 8 )
$ 1,250.00 - Russ Kirk  ( 6 )
$ 1,557.77 - Dan/Panther ( 3 )
$ 1,601.00 - Pourme  ( 7 )
$ 1,857.77 - Jim Stettler  ( 4 )
$ 2,222.22 - phonium  ( 2 )

Early Morning Auction Status

02-20-20     Listed        $    59.99
02-21-17     2  bids       $    63.00
02-22-17     4  bids       $    81.00
02-23-17     9  bids       $  100.00
02-24-17    11  bids      $  114.00
02-25-17    11  bids      $  114.00  (auction ended - no winner - by seller)
02-26-17     0  bids       $      0.00
02-27-17     0  bids       $      0.00  Ends at 18:59 PDT


I will say $350.00. Also, I appreciate you bring this contest back. I always enjoyed it before.

Scott K.


George Amores


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Jim Stettler

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Quote from: Scott on February 20, 2020, 11:08:43 AM
. . . I appreciate you bring this contest back. I always enjoyed it before.

Got 47 views so far and only 4 guesses. The lack of interest in contest participation by the many still exits so this is probably a one time "special" due only to the unique nature of this phone, not the original contest concept.


I  am still trying to decide if this is a real phone or not before I guess. I am hoping for some pictures of the inside to help me decide.
Harry Smith
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