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General Electric Mottle Brown Record Player

Started by Doug Rose, July 10, 2020, 10:46:46 AM

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Doug Rose

Jan and I just got back from the Cape, weather was very good, four days of great beach weather.

Wednesday Morning we hit the Sandwich Bizarre at 6AM and found this beauty! Seller wanted $35 but took my offer of $25. Bakelite is in perfect condition, no chips cracks or missing pieces. It just shines.

Platter does spin manually, but I wouldn't dare plug this in. Would there have been felt on the platter or a rubber cover.

This is such a cool piece!....Doug



You did very well on this - Very hard to find period, especially with no damage - The platter originally had a coating called "flocking" on it, sort of a fuzzy coating.

Apparently designed by John Vassos.

If you plan to sell it you can probably add a zero to what you paid - Some info on these:

Doug Rose

thanks for the picture Bruce. As much as I want to display it, it will be traded or sold. Way to nice to keep stored in a box. The shine is just amazing...Doug