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Kellogg wooden crank phone what to do...

Started by markosjal, June 01, 2021, 01:04:34 AM

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I bought something that i do not usually buy.

This wooden crank phone apparently Kellogg according to the handset.

Handset is in excellent shape. Wooden box has crack in front . Dovetailed corners  seem a little loose.

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Well, I guess that depends on how far you want to go with it...
Do you intend to keep it? use it?...
If the joints are loose enough, gut it, clean it, separate the joints, and glue/clamp the box back together.
a little oil, or wax should bring the shine back.
put a cap inline with the ringer.
If you wish to use it as a LB phone, get another one, and you will have a sweet intercom.
If you wish to use as a CB phone, there are a couple ways to go about that also.
you may need a new transmitter???
hook a batt to it and see if you can hear yourself. depending on how it is wired...


I have no desire to keep it . I usually restore phones to work on modern lines. This is not what i normally do.
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Were you sober when you bought it?
Just kidding!
Curious what prompted you take a sharp left turn in your routine?
It is a nice, common configuration. actually quite versatile compared to a lot of them.
It would be a nice doner box too.
Or to sugar up a trade or something???


I do not drink , never have.

It was actually one of 4 phones purchased from an estate sale .

WE554 Yellow 1958 with all matching dates was covered with a layer of mold and goo that cleaned up nicely except handset cord.

AE Space Saver 183 yellow 1960s ish was covered with a layer of mold and goo that cleaned up nicely including handset cord. Has some cracks in plastic.

We 500 ivory with matching 4 prong WE plug unsure of date probably 1960s

And this kellogg that was layered with caked on powdered dirt all inside.

The question is how are people refurbing these pho es for a modern line? Should i remove the magneto? Cant i test magnetic and bell by connecting them together??
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Here is thee source I used for my coupler circuit. "It is towards the end".
Yes, you can connect the mag to the bells for testing.
You don't need to remove the mag, just disconnect it.


Thanks for the link however I need to first try to get the thing working. It had some ripped out wires and some wires missing but now it is clean and re-assembled (except for Magneto which is a lot more work yet!)

I see the induction coil on mine says says 105A  which looking at many diagrams I do not see this Kellogg Induction coil. Wondering if I can work with this to make it work with CB setup at all. May be a case for an AE or ITT mini network

I did find this page:

which I managed to get the two images off of. This looks like the same phone but induction coil does not seem to be specified there that I can see.

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Well, than I guess you will just have to make due with this ;)


On local battery sets, with batteries (or other source of 3 Volts filtered DC) connected, you can check the talk circuit by shorting out L1 and L2.

Kellogg sets usually disconnect the ringer while the crank is turned. No need to ring one's own ringer when calling someone else on the party line, or when signaling the operator.
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