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Pentax H1 (screwmount)

Started by AliceWonder, March 28, 2023, 07:38:10 PM

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Hi, I have an old Pentax H1 that belonged to my grandfather. Completely mechanical, think spotmatic but without a light meter.

I meant to give it to my niece for her college graduation (she's a hobbyist photographer but very good), but that didn't happen.

I'd like to give it to her for her birthday. I know she will want to use it at least once---she grew up with digital but has shot film cameras before.

Where are the best places (in America) to send it for proper shutter calibration? Someone who actually enjoys their work on classic cameras?

My niece is also an avid mountaineer and I remember her complaining once about battery problems at high elevation cold so a completely mechanical camera would be a humorous solution :p

(I suspect we wouldn't actually take it on treks but if she wants to, why not?)

Thank you for suggestions.


Nice gift.

I would look online and review customer feedback carefully.
There are plenty of places which develop old film but again choose wisely as lost film is gone forever.

As an additional Birthday gift to consider, special pouches can be purchased for high altitude, placing the phone/batteries inside help them retain their charge longer (also placing the battery/device close to the body helps).

This is just one example:


We'd like to see a photo of your camera!  :)
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Those old cameras are pretty reliable so if the shutter sounds ok and isn't obviously sticking I'd just run a roll of film through it and check the photos come out ok.