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What is Missing on this wood phone?

Started by Doug Rose, February 24, 2023, 02:10:30 PM

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Doug Rose

What is missing from the top of this woodie?...thanks...Doug


I don't know if anyone ever answered you or not about this, but I ran across a sale of another wood unit exactly like this one from top to bottom. It appears there's some kind of round hard rubber type piece screwed into the top.
Here is a pic showing it with the screw head shown.
Hope this helps.


Doug Rose



From the 1910 Kellogg Apparatus Catalog (available in the TCI Library), it looks like it needs a complete Type 3 Arrester.

Is it already there? Detailed photos, please.
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Doug Rose

QuoteIs it already there? Detailed photos, please.
Hey Paul....this was a Phone I had a chance to buy on the cheap awhile back. Since I was not sure what was missing, I passed.....thanks...Doug